About Trade Show Display

The trade show display can be described as the graphic display tool that has specially been designed to be used at trade fairs. It includes various forms such as banner stands, table top display, flat panels, pop up display or other paraphernalia that gets used for filling the temporary booth at any convention or fair. The display varies in complexity, cost as well as size, yet all forms are mainly designed for visually representation of the specific interest of business. The trade show displays have catchy phrases and bold images, as an attempt to get more visitors from the exhibit that helps the salesperson to convince their targeted customer through their sales pitch.

The trade show counter very often consist of images designed only for wall surface that can be Velcro compatible fabric or graphic image that has various types of graphic pictures. These substrates consist semi or rigid substrates similar to various types of plastic or acrylic. The trade show display also has structures that attached to ciling of the booth or counter. Mainly the exhibitors at the trade show gets the counter of 3m X 3m space with aisle facing with around 8 feet tall back wall consist of 4 panels of fabric threaded into a telescopic pole of aluminum that is connected with each other.

It provides exhibitors with the predefined space in that to present her or his business, company or institution, to the visitors attending the event of the trade show. In this particular space, exhibitors placed to a huge variety of the trade show or event displays, designed specifically for their specific requirement, for the purpose of offering their service. Companies very often rent the exhibit area from the trade show organizers and then the designed displays in the trade show to get more number of attention from the visitors or the targeted customers preset at the trade show.

Various types of the Trade show displays are:

    • Table top display
    • Table covers
    • Pipe and drape
    • Pop up display
    • Banner stands
    • Modular exhibits
    • Panel and trade system
    • Custom exhibits
    • Trade show booths
    • Truss Display
    • Bespoke display stand

There are huge industry developed around the sale and design of the trade show displays. Number of companies are selling trade show displays has their showroom or organization in most of the major cities and one can also find numbers of companies that are also available online.

Basically the trade show display gets specialization in any one particular type of trade show. However, the companies that are available online has specialization in portable, modular as well as hybrid trade show displays.

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